Saturday, 16 November 2013

1000 Parker Street

It is the East Vancouver Culture Crawl this weekend, with hundreds of open studios.  The building at 1000 Parker Street is the biggest, with over 100 artists.  The building itself is a prime attraction, an old mattress factory (so I overheard today) with an ancient elevator, equally ancient plumbing and slightly less ancient wiring.  Normal laws of geometry don't apply there - you can walk in a straight line and end up where you started, or go down a flight of stairs and come out on the top floor.  As I sketched amid the throngs in the hallways, 50% of conversations were navigational in nature ("Haven't we been down this hall before?", "Is the main floor up or down?", "She's your kid, you go find her."), 40% involved fire exits, the sprinkler system or earthquakes, and 10% were about art/food/washrooms/lost poodles.  With all the sketching, I forgot to look at the art, so I'll have to go back tomorrow (unless tomorrow ends up being last Thursday, which might just happen at 1000 Parker Street.)

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