Sunday, 23 September 2012


One lighthouse from the west coast - the Point Atkinson lighthouse in West Vancouver - and two from the "middle coast" - the Saugeen range light and the Chantry Island lighthouse at Southampton, Ontario on Lake Huron.  The Point Atkinson lighthouse is the baby of the group, at a mere 100 years old.  The Saugeen range light, along with its twin upriver, are 109 years old.  Pre-GPS, approaching sailors would line up their lights to enter the small harbour on the river safely.  The Chantry Island lighthouse is the granddaddy at 153 years, older than the city of Vancouver.  Colour schemes seem pretty limited for Canadian lighthouses - the Society for the Promotion of Purple Lighthouses would be a forlorn group (see
The marsh in the second drawing is new since I was kid, forming as the water levels in the Great Lakes drop.  It is neat to see the change, but it is still a much simpler ecosystem than the old shoreline marshes that are being left high-and-dry as the water recedes.