Thursday, 23 April 2015

Vancouver tourist spots

A couple tourist postcards from my own city: Granville Island, and the Hotel Vancouver beside the Vancouver Art Gallery.  I keep vowing not to draw bridges (too many lines crossing each other in all directions) and ornate buildings, especially when I'm trying to do a quick 20-minute sketch.  Apparently I can't resist, but I am learning to simplify.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Dr Sketchy is a dentist

A memorable moment at this month's Dr Sketchy's was the hostess, Shari Contrary, saying "Wow, no one has ever drooled on our stage before."  It's not really that kind of a place, but the model, Justine Sane, had a dental theme going.  (I asked a couple of younger hipper people beside me: "This dental thing - is it a ... thing?"  They agreed that no, no it couldn't possibly be a thing, that would just be too awful.)  Miss Sane first appeared in a shiny black vinyl dress and severely high-heeled boots, wearing a dental hygenist's mask.  It was disturbing enough to make me commit to flossing more regularly in the future.  Then after the break, she appeared as the patient, wearing a bikini made of medical masks, and a horrifying device that I assume is used to keep the patient's mouth wide open during dental procedures.  She was a great life model, not moving at all during a fifteen minute pose.  And, hence, the aforementioned drool.  I'm flossing right this minute as I type...

Thursday, 9 April 2015

North Vancouver waterfront

I drew the construction site at the foot of Lonsdale during a recent meetup at Lonsdale Quay.  I like the busy-ness of construction sites, especially with the pier and the piles being driven in at seemingly higgledy-piggledy angles.  But I had a lurking dread as I drew that this was going to be another generic bluish-green-glass-covered condo building.  (I think they sell these buildings in pre-fab kits at the local Ikea.  Or maybe you can get 6 for the price of 5 at Cosco...).  So I was amazed when I looked up the development plan for the area and found a truly inspiring plan to turn this area into a real living breathing public space.  The plan is at  I love the ideas in it, as well as the very human writing style, and urban sketchers will like the ink-and-watercolour illustrations.  Now the only lurking dread is that this plan is just too good to actually happen, and we'll end up with an empty concrete plaza surrounded by a six-pack of bluish-green glass condos...

Looking in the other direction, one of the industrial parts of the harbour was a colourful scene on a sunny day.  The crayon factory (upper left) is a prominent feature on the North Vancouver waterfront.  They were making yellow crayons that day, which is one of their favourite colours.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

March life drawing

I've had a bit of a recent spate of life drawing, at Basic Inquiry and at a new (for me) studio run by Sandrine Pellisier.  Three different media here: charcoal pastel (front) and acrylic paint (back) on mylar for the first, charcoal pastel on paper for the second, and water-soluble pen and watercolour - often a recipe for disaster - on the third and fourth.  Sandrine's studio walls are covered in her beautiful abstracted painting of forests of tree trunks that are covered in intricate pen designs.  This inspired me to include the model's tattoos in the third picture.  The flesh-tones might be a bit off in the last picture, but it was St. Patrick's Day month...