Monday, 19 May 2014

Granville Island again

 Granville Island is a favourite with the UrbanSketchers, and, on a long weekend, with most of the non-UrbanSketchers as well.  5000 people walked by me as I stood against a railing drawing the cement plant.  Half of them bumped into me, so I decided I'd climb the railing and draw from inside the cement yard.  I was midway into scaling the fence when the 5001st person came by, who happened to be a security guard.  He quizzed me on my intentions.  "I'm going to draw without being run over by tourists every 30 seconds."  "Well, that's alright then."  I suspect they've seen far more outrageous behaviour with the art college on the island.

I drew some of the passing multitudes, human, canine and avian.  I did the drawings by looking intently at the person/creature for a few seconds then closing my eyes like a camera shutter - I make a little clicking noise in my mind - then drawing the photo I've taken on the back of my eyelids.  It sort of works if you're not too fussy about the details.

The boat is a quick drawing in the 5 minutes before the group met up at the end of the day.  The Aquabuses are little shuttles that scoot around the bay.  I think they might be re-fitted bathtubs.  But they are a bit more sea-worthy than my vertically-exaggerated drawing makes them look.

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  1. Tsk, tsk. Yet another "caught sketching by security" tale. But the drawing was worth all your troubles.