Friday, 27 June 2014

Whyte avenue Edmonton, again

I just got back from a week of much drawing in Montreal, but before that I had a few days working in Edmonton - but my "working" always allows for a bit of drawing.  So before pictures from la belle province, a few from l'huile province.

I met with well-known artist and urban-sketcher Yong Fei Guan to draw on Whyte Avenue, which I think is the only lively street in Edmonton.  Drawing in public attracts some strange people (birds of a feather...), and fortunately this time it was Fei who got the attention from the wandering proselytizing spiritualist-anarchist-vegetarian.  He came well prepared, with printed tracts, poems, cartoons and an endless monologue.  Fei handled him well and cheerfully, and even got a few drawings done.  And they held their poses for me to draw a lot longer than most people do.

I forgot to bring my watercolours with me to Edmonton, and I missed them so much that I went to Chapters and bought a replacement set - from Crayola, complete with a lovely yellow plastic palette, mixing tray and brush.  They were suitable for ages 4 and older, so I was qualified to use them.  They made reasonable colours, and I figured I could even eat them in a pinch.  All for $5.  So take that, you people who fly off to Sennelier in Paris for your paints!

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  1. It's time to check in here and see what has happened on your blog! That's great you sketched with Fei, and with children's paints. I think flying off to shop at Sennelier (art supplies, I assume) would just be a great excuse to eat croissants and drink wine.