Thursday, 18 September 2014

Spare moments

 I had a quick and meeting-filled trip to Edmonton.  But there are always spare minutes for drawing - waiting for airplanes, waiting for people to show up for meetings, waiting for dinner.  I carry what people think is a laptop case, but it actually contains pens, sketchbooks, watercolour paints, brushes and a little jar of water.

The fire-fighting equipment out the window at the Vancouver airport looked remarkably antique, but at least you don't have to run and find the keys when you need it in a hurry.  While I was doing the painting, one businessman looked at me and said "Now I've seen everything."  I think he might have a limited conception of "everything", but it is rare to see anyone not staring at their smart phone.

The big South Park sign is at a car dealership on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton (well, truck dealership - it's Alberta).  It's not looking its best, with peeling paint, so I'm glad to have drawn it before it disappears.

The table next to me at the Italian restaurant was clearly a family dinner.  They all had heavy dark-rimmed glasses and held their hands clasped under their chins.  None of them noticed me drawing them, because their peripheral vision was so obscured by the thick arms of their glasses.

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