Monday, 23 February 2015

Another trip to you-know-where

I seem to go to Edmonton a lot.  Fortunately, little drawing opportunities abound.  Here are five fairly haphazard examples from the last trip.

First, quick portraits on the seabus and sky-train to the airport.  My portrait drawing may not be getting any better, but I am learning to find people who don't move much, or get off at the next stop.  I think all three of these gentlemen may be secret agents.

Then a panorama at the airport.  I actually did the right half on a previous trip, but then I noticed that this trip's view aligned right beside the old one, so a bit of (inexpert) Photoshopping gave me a panorama.  My flight always seems to leave from the same gate, so I think I have a project for the next 10 or so trips.  (And, of course, it is always blue-sky sunny in Vancouver...)

I try to draw surreptitiously when I'm at a restaurant by myself - it passes the time three times faster than pretending to look at important things on my smart-phone.  But I was caught this time, by a lady who graciously continued to pose until her group was leaving, when she demanded to see my drawing. She continued to be gracious, despite the not entirely flattering portrait.

Many of the buildings at the University of Alberta are connected by walkways and tunnels, which are fun to explore (and practical on cold days).  You find esoteric things of interest along the way, like this dissected plane engine on an overpass through an engineering building.

And finally, a view from the hotel window, reminding this Vancouverite that it is winter in parts of Canada.

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