Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Burnaby Village Museum

Having cheated by doing a sketch of Burnaby from North Vancouver for an upcoming Burnaby sketching show, I managed to make it across a bridge fairly painlessly to get to the Vancouver urbansketchers meetup at Burnaby Village Museum.  It's a neat place, a little village of relocated historical Burnaby buildings, complete with staff in the clothes of the day.  It's the sort of place I wouldn't even know existed without the meetup group.  I drew the main street of the village while sitting on the boardwalk - an adult sitting on the ground drawing is a guaranteed kid magnet, and there was an encouraging audience of them around me much of the time.  Then I did a quick water-soluble-ink sketch of an old steam donkey, used for cutting lumber before electrical power took over.  But I couldn't capture the best part of the experience - those old-fashioned smells of dry rough-hewn timber buildings, machine oil on the big contraptions, and coal smoke from the blacksmith's shop.

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