Monday, 1 February 2016

Seven more days

I've kept up the drawing-a-day thing for January.  Besides feeling guilty if I don't draw, this lets me try more new things.  These two drawings were about quickness - I used a timer for the pen and the watercolour stages, for a total of 8 minutes (excluding the time to drop my brush off the porch and crawl through wet shrubbery to retrieve it):
These ones were about liveliness.  I channeled my inner Don McNulty for the street scene, done while I waited for Kelly to grab something from her office:

This one was character-building - could I stand to draw the parking lot outside the supermarket from my car?  (Just barely):
And two having fun with shapes of snow-covered things up the mountain, and trying to represent the background forest without actually drawing any of it:

[An observant observer will note that those are only 7 drawings over 11 days.  They don't all work.  If you don't fall, you're not skiing hard enough.  Or, as Orville and Wilbur said, you can't learn to fly without crashing a few times.]

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  1. The black and white one of the trees with the crosshatch background is a nice change. Still in Dave-style!