Monday, 1 August 2016

The View in Two (plus two)

One of my (many) goals is to be able to capture a scene quickly - two minutes with the pen and two minutes with watercolour.  Plus maybe a couple minutes for "Where did I put my brush?", "Why won't this lid come off?" "What did I just drop in the lake?"  It's not that I'm impatient (except when biting insects are involved), or even really that there's way too much out there that needs drawing.  It's to try to force myself to see what's important, and let all the little details go (at least sometimes - I like those details too...).  Here are some recent Views in Two:

You have to be quick to draw Active Pass from the BC Ferry.  They won't stop the boat, even if one of their paying customers is drawing.  Something about the schedule, apparently.  Whatever...

The quickness of the pen-free sketch of First Lake at Hollyburn was mosquito-motivated.  There were a lot more interesting things going on with the reflections than I caught.  Next time.

The view from Hollyburn Peak was a bit more leisurely on a finally-warm summer morning.  I could probably draw the entire panorama from memory by now.

None of those quite met the goal of 2+2 minutes.  But this one of the front garden did.  I was trying to capture the whole blooming, buzzing confusion of a summer afternoon - while the water boiled for tea. 

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