Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Snowy blue

I went Christmas shopping in a certain nefariously seductive art-supply store.  Being generous, I bought myself several presents.  One was a blue pen - perfect for drawing the cool-blue winter-wonderland of Hollyburn mountain, where I happen to be spending much of my holiday week:

An adolescent hemlock, curling up to sleep in the ever-deepening snow.

An ice-colour sketch of First Lake on Christmas day.  The paint was freezing on the page in about 3 seconds.

A crew building an igloo (our guest-house) in a snowstorm.  The igloo is actually quite a bit bigger than this, but composition won out over strict architectural accuracy.

A neighbouring cabin, bearing its roofload of snow well.  While I painted this, a snowshoe hare came up to about 2m from me, sniffing the air because it knew that something was wrong, but not recognizing a human who doesn't move at all for 20 minutes.

And icicles on the edge of our roof - which is 14 feet above the ground but currently at eye level because of the snowpack.

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