Tuesday, 7 March 2017

#OneWeek100People2017 Day 2: Aquacise

For day 2 of the challenge to draw 100 people in a week, I headed to the community centre pool and the senior ladies' aquacise class.  There's a balcony above the pool, which is used as a stretching area, but became, today, a sketching area.  It may look like I drew the same person 20 times, but there are actually 10 or 12 different ladies here, done a couple times each.  The thing is, there is a very strict dress code at the senior ladies' aquacise class - virtually identical one-piece black bathing suits.  And an equally strict hairdo code - a shoulder-length dome of grey to light grey, with only subtle variation in degree of perm-ness allowed.  It makes drawing easy, and this all took 15 minutes in total, which is fortunate, because the class is led by a drill-sergeant instructor who was a threat to ruin what's left of my hearing and sanity.  I used Kuratake brush-pens, which are water-soluble (to different degrees for different colours, it turns out), added some skin-tone watercolour, and quickly went over the whole thing with a damp brush to blend it together.

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