Sunday, 27 August 2017

Scenes around here

No real theme here, except trying to capture a scene quickly and with minimal fuss.  For trees and forest, water-soluble black ink and water colours work well - I have finally learned that there is no point in trying to draw every leaf or branch when that will all wash away anyway.  The ink just suggests the main forms, and to make the darks dark.
Evening sun on the nearby park:
And the outhouse at our cabin, tucked under three looming hemlock trees:

The solid dark look didn't seem appropriate at Iona Island, where the foreshore marsh - full of purple loosestrife - was bright in the sun and blowing in the sea breeze.  I used waterproof ink in a scritchy pen, following the swallows and dragonflies swirling around me, then just added a few broad bands of colour.
And the best way to keep a drawing simple: do it in 5 minutes while you're waiting for the water to boil for dinner...

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