Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Back lane ecosystem

This ramshackle back of a building in a lane in lower Lonsdale had a remarkable amount of "life" - literally.  There were gulls, crows, roosting pigeons and nesting house sparrows (in October).  The "nutrient contribution" from the pigeons supports big swaths of mosses and lichens, 2 species of ferns and grass.  As I was drawing, 40 pigeons suddenly took off.  I looked up and saw an eagle far overhead, but the pigeons seemed excessively nervous for that - then a peregrine falcon came down the lane in a dive, unsuccessful but at a fantastic speed.  I'm expecting the wall to have mountain goats being hunted by cougars in a couple years.  (Actually, I'm expecting the building to be gone in a couple years, because condos in the area sell for $800 per square foot.)

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