Thursday, 22 November 2012

Pen and watercolour life drawings

Some drawings from last night's Wednesday evening life drawing session.  I switch to pen and ink with watercolour when charcoal is being uncooperative.  I use a dip pen and two brushes, one for the warm tones and one for the cold.  The critical thing I've learned for the two-minute poses (top image) is to make sure that whichever one I'm holding in my mouth has its working end outward.  Otherwise, anything goes, and if it's a mess, at least it's a colourful mess.  The last one I was trying to make a bit more abstact.  The animator on one side was talking about the line-of-action of the curving pose, so I was trying to exaggerate that, while the conversation on the other side (it's not the quietest drawing group) was about a pieta scene, so maybe that contributed to the somewhat gruesome look. 

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