Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Radar beach and hill

A weekend trip to Tofino on Vancouver Island, with the view through the upper deck window of the ferry, a walk down to Radar Beach and the view from Radar Hill.  The beach is down an officially unauthorized trail in the National Park.  There's even an official sign saying it is officially unauthorized.  It's basically a bushwhack down a cliff then through a mud bog.  As a result, when I first got to the beach, on a beautiful sunny Sunday, there were exactly as many people as there are in the picture - none!  The easily accessible viewpoint on the hill was more inhabited, by blackflies.  I didn't really notice them when I was drawing, but now my arms, legs and neck are a pretty impressive collection of red bumps.  But worth it to appreciate the view - in contrast to a tourist who looked for 3 seconds then said to her husband "There's nothing here."

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