Sunday, 9 June 2013

Victoria and Triumph

We had an UrbanSippers meetup at the Parallel49 Brewery today.  Well, actually first we sketched some things, but conveniently in Vancouver's new micro-brewery district.  And as a result, I benefited from the one truly important lesson I've learned about sketching on location.  First, the location - I drew at the corner of Victoria and Triumph streets.  With those names, you would expect brass bands, military parades, arches commemorating the glory of the empire...but instead there is a fairly nondescript building with grain elevators in the background, and a cheerful row house on the other corner - the sort of place where people have large red armchairs filling their front porches.  Also a number of very hip people and very hip bicycles.
    Now the truly important lesson - always put your sketchbooks in zip-lock bags!  That way when you're riding home with a large bottle of micro-brewery IPA and it explodes in your pannier, no damage is done.  Fortunately, I learned the lesson last year with a minor water bottle spill, so all was well today, except the slight loss of beer.


  1. Oh no -that good beer, but saved the new sketchbook!

  2. Pics up already?! Nice one of the corner of Triumph and Victoria. I took note of that view too. Sorry about the loss of beer, sounds like another one of those first-world problems we struggle with, so much.