Thursday, 18 July 2013

Off to the races

The Urban Sketching group went to the races at Hastings Park, just across the bridge from home, but somewhere I'd never been.  There's a beautiful view, and a good crowd, complete with moderately ridiculous hats, fascinators and very pasty-skinned people glued to betting terminals.  I learned that if I want to bet on horses, I better not give up the day job.  In the picture, my horse is off screen to the left, stopping for a drink of water.

 The horse races were primarily an interlude between the main events - the weiner-dog races (sponsored by Schneiders).  We sat in the wiener-dog registration section, so had lots of interaction with the noble beasts.  A detailed analysis of one of the races can be found here.  My favourite was a dog that was making good progress toward the finish, until he noticed a crow in the infield and took off after it, owners in hot pursuit.  If they'd allowed betting on the dog races, I would have bet on him.

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