Monday, 15 July 2013

Old church at Slosh

This is an old mission church at Slosh, a native reserve beside Seton Portage.  It's on its last legs.  That's probably a mixed blessing for the people there, especially the elders, who took up the religion but can't have very kind feelings for the Church as an organization.  When I drew this it was 34 in the shade, and there wasn't any shade.  I'm used to paint freezing on my brush, not drying instantly!

The name "Slosh", incidentally, is a non-native attempt to capture the distinctive sibilant sounds that are in so many first nations' place names.  The next town over is similarly called Shalath.  You make the sounds with your lips pulled way back into one of those smile-for-the-camera grimaces.  A group of natives tried to teach me how to do this properly once.  It was very amusing for them.

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