Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Gambier Island

We spent the long weekend on Gambier Island, with a few of the in-laws and friends - say, 50 of them or so, many under the age of 13.  There was a bit of pandemonium, not to mention 5 meals a day, so it was nice to escape periodically to draw.  The government wharf on the island was covered in boys doing things that I thought boys weren't allowed to do any more - climbing pilings, jumping off them into the shallow water at low tide, hanging over the side on rusty chains.  Then a mother showed up - not to chastise them, but to bring them lunch, then let them continue being boys.  That was nice to see.  It's a scenic place, from Halkett Bay, a marine park, to Two-and-a-Half-Tree Island just off the cabin's dock.  There were visits from seals, sea lions, a dolphin and lion's mane jellyfish (tough luck about the arm, Mike - it'll grow back). It's also a damp place, which is good for intertidal life, not so good for camping equipment.

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  1. The dock teeming with kids looks like great fun, I like the reflections. And the detail of the mussels and seaweed is beautiful, good colours. The drying camping gear is great, I am not sure I'd have thought of drawing that — it proves that everything is a potential subject.