Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter at Seton Portage

We spent the Easter weekend at Seton Portage, between Pemberton and Lillooet.  It's hard not to paint the cerulean blue of Seton Lake, especially when you get to stay in a house right where the dark blue river from Anderson Lake enters the much lighter glacial-origin water.  The first drawing was about a 45 minute effort, while the second was about 5 minutes.  The first is more accurate, but I think I prefer the second one.

I also drew the beaver pond in the estuary, mainly for the challenge of practicing the tangle of lighter branches with darker backgrounds - not easy with watercolours and a limited attention span!  I later found one of the former denizens of the beaver pond, making his way back into the soil - or, more likely, into the skull collection of our nephews and nieces...

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  1. Nice beaver pond shrubs! It was time to check in here. I have been drawing the English shrubbery along country lanes. And your first drawing is lovely, don't give up on your details yet for the sake of quick sketches. But it's fun to do both.