Sunday, 22 March 2015

Hollyburn Lodge

Hollyburn Lodge was already an abandoned mill building in the early 1920's, when it was rediscovered by a group of snow-seekers from Vancouver.  They set it up as a ski lodge in the Hollyburn Ridge area, but soon discovered that the ridge can be below the snowline in some winters.  Undeterred, in 1926 they simply moved the whole building up the hill into the (usually) better snow at what is now the Cypress cross-country ski area.  It was meant as a temporary lodge, until something better could be built.  Eighty-nine year later, it's still there.  The roof is bent from years of deep snow, and the floor has significant topography.  It's so sloped in some places that dancers on the weekly music nights often end up piled into the downhill corner, from where it is a substantial hike back up to the tables.

However, this is the last year for the old lodge.  It is finally about to realize its "temporary" status, with plans to take the old building down and replace it this summer.  I understand the replacement is going to be as similar to the old one as possible, even to the point of replicating the eclectic mixture of windows.  I wonder if they will be able to copy the terrain of the floor?  Maybe not right away, but we'll give it another 90 years and see what it's like then...

Unfortunately, this winter there has been almost no snow at the ski lodge, and it's bare ground all around right now.   But I was able to engage my personal snow-making machine and cover all that brown grass with a nice layer of snow for this farewell picture of the old lodge.

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