Saturday, 7 March 2015

North Vancouver City library and the yellow peril

Public buildings convey messages about the identity and aspirations of the people.  To me, the loud message from the new North Vancouver City Library is "We are too timid to spend public money courageously!"  Or, more simply, "We are boring!"  The most charitable message I could find after drawing the building for an hour today was "The normal rules of two-point perspective apply here!"  It was telling that on a beautiful spring afternoon, a few people scurried by, one stopped to tie his shoe, and no one spent any time in the barren concrete plaza.

And speaking of allergens, the forsythia is out in force, at least one bush in every yard, including our own.  It is Public Enemy Number One for my over-achieving immune system.  But it is amazing how concentrating on something to draw it makes you come to appreci...ACHOO!  ACHOO!

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