Thursday, 16 April 2015

Dr Sketchy is a dentist

A memorable moment at this month's Dr Sketchy's was the hostess, Shari Contrary, saying "Wow, no one has ever drooled on our stage before."  It's not really that kind of a place, but the model, Justine Sane, had a dental theme going.  (I asked a couple of younger hipper people beside me: "This dental thing - is it a ... thing?"  They agreed that no, no it couldn't possibly be a thing, that would just be too awful.)  Miss Sane first appeared in a shiny black vinyl dress and severely high-heeled boots, wearing a dental hygenist's mask.  It was disturbing enough to make me commit to flossing more regularly in the future.  Then after the break, she appeared as the patient, wearing a bikini made of medical masks, and a horrifying device that I assume is used to keep the patient's mouth wide open during dental procedures.  She was a great life model, not moving at all during a fifteen minute pose.  And, hence, the aforementioned drool.  I'm flossing right this minute as I type...

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