Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Anita Wigl'it at Dr Sketchy's

Shari Contrary scours the world to bring the best to Dr. Sketchy's.  This week's model, Anita Wigl'it, the internationally renowned drag queen from New Zealand, was head-and-shoulders above the others.  Literally - she's* about 6' 5", before the heels.  She had great costumes, an exuberant lip-sync show, and was kind enough to award me one of the coveted Dr Sketchy pencils.  What could be better?  The only downside was that, in a fit of exuberance and stunning clutziness, I flung my entire jar of black ink onto the floor and spent the rest of the night on my hands and knees cleaning.  (Thanks to Sigrid for her help during that emergency, and the owners of the Cottage Bistro for being much calmer than I would have been if someone was wrecking my restaurant).  I might be demoted back to pencil drawing for a while...
* This being a somewhat new cultural experience for me, I wasn't sure what pronoun to use for a drag queen.  So I asked.  "She" is the correct choice.  So now you know too.

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