Sunday, 10 January 2016

Lonsdale: Rain, sleet, fog, snow and latte

Neither snow nor rain nor sleet... the mail gets through, and Lonsdale blocks get sketched.  I started the cheery older apartment block at 6th and Lonsdale in a patch of sunlight, but by the time I was done an hour later, I was bent over the page trying to shelter it from cold blowing rain.  When my random-number generator sent me up towards the top of the hill, I disappeared into fog and sleet, and had to do the sketch "Montreal style" (from inside my car).  A couple days later I was back to the very top block on a cold clear morning with thick snow on the trees just a bit further up - I'd thought to bring a thermos of hot water, not for me, but to do the watercolours before they froze.  Then the fourth block of the set, done under exceedingly challenging conditions - trying to sketch while drinking a latte and eating a chocolate-chip muffin in a conveniently located cafe...

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  1. These are great, especially the foggy/sleeting one. I don't get the random-number generator — are you sketching randomly selected addresses?