Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Springtime at the Diddle Inn

The cabins on Hollyburn Ridge have some great names - the WeeSki Inn, the Alasker Inn, the Taj Mahollyburn, many others.  The Diddle Inn is the cabin of Jackie Swanson, who just retired as president of the Hollyburn Ridge Association.  This is no picnic-in-the-park position.  It involves negotiating with the West Vancouver council to keep the historic community alive and thriving, figuring out permit and lease agreements, getting heritage status for the area, dealing with all sorts of practical and political issues, and keeping the diversely eccentric association members happy.  Jackie did a truly amazing job.  I was asked to paint a picture as a thank you from the board and the association.  I did a fairly big (for me) pen-and-watercolour picture of her cabin nestled into the forest.  (Those trees are supposed to look nestling, not like they are leaning over and about to fall on the cabin...)  The good thing about drawing the Hollyburn cabins is that if your drawing goes a bit wonky, it just looks that much more realistic.

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