Wednesday, 15 February 2017

...and back to snow

A miscellanea of snowy drawings from before and after our tropical travels.  First, an ice-colour painting - note the crystals in the sky - of Grouse Mountain as seen from the powerline at Hollyburn:
The crowds heading up Hollyburn peak on a sunny long-weekend day, with clouds building up over the city and ocean:
The sun getting noticeably higher and warmer through the trees:
The neighbour's outhouse - only visible when deep snow buries the blueberries and saplings:
Another Hollyburn cabin bearing its winter burden.  We had a visitor stop by this summer who described a cabin he had stayed at as a boy in 1958.  The description, the family name and an old map let us figure out that it was this cabin.  I took him into it, and he remembered every detail of the roofline, the windows, the big old fireplace and many stories of the owners.
And after all those muted blues and greens, a wintry sunset in the city, somehow both warm and cold at the same time:

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