Friday, 5 April 2013

Heritage Hall Vancouver

I went to an UrbanSketchers meet-up at the Heritage Hall at Main and 15th in Vancouver today.  It's a pretty fantastic building, with carved sandstone friezes including various faces, patina'ed copper roof corners, a dome and a little baby dome, and various oddly shaped copper sticky-up bits (not the technical term).  It also uses stone from two different islands to give it a layered look on the bottom.  The building was originally a post office, a far cry from today's counters at the backs of dingy dollar stores.

It was raining, so I drew under the overhang of a not-so-lovely modern building across the street, kneeling in a concrete planter filled with lava rocks - becoming, undoubtedly, the first person ever to use that completely useless space.

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