Saturday, 27 April 2013

Landscape architects' urban sketching tour

Sigrid Albert, Matthew Cencich and I ran an Urban Sketching tour for the BC Landscape Architects today. Someone must have angered a minor weather god, because it was during the wettest time of the only wet day we've had for a week or so - and cold and windy too!  Here Matthew and I are sketching with a few of the hardy architects in an outside courtyard, covered, but exposed to the wind.  Sigrid bravely accompanied the people who wanted to sketch in a warm, sheltered, latte-providing cafe.  I tried water-soluble crayons for the colour - not as nice as watercolours, but a bit quicker.  

This is a nearby apartment building, striking with its old brickwork surrounded by the glass tours of the west end.  I drew it on a nice sunny day when I was scouting locations for the tour.

1 comment:

  1. Very funny.

    Thanks for bravely scouting the area ahead of time.

    The crayons add an interesting texture. The people and their poses are well captured and look alive. And I like both the composition and the contrast between old/interesting and new/dull in the other sketch.