Wednesday, 17 April 2013

McClary woodstove and ice break-up

We spent a few days at my in-laws' cabin in the Chilcotin, well off the electrical and e-anything grid.  We cook and mostly heat the cabin with a McClary's Kootenay stove, a beautifully ornate wood-burning stove with elaborately cast chrome-plated parts.
Eagle Lake is a cerulean blue, like a tropical ocean, but not because of clean white sand - it has a white calcareous ooze covering the bottom.  Spring starts late in the cold Interior of BC, but there were some open leads of water in the ice on the lake when we arrived.  The scene changed rapidly with melt in sunny periods, wind pushing water onto the ice, new ice forming overnight, and several snowfalls.  I tried to capture some of these changes on the bay with a few islands, using quick water-colour thumbnails.  By the time we left, you could swim ice-free to the nearest island - if you were extremely cold-hardy, or a goose.

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