Monday, 21 October 2013

A foggy fall

There have been no little cat feet involved in the fog we're having this week.  It came in more like a herd of elephants, about the same colour and just as heavy.  But then late this afternoon the sun broke through, miraculously quickly and completely.  I ran out to the boulevard with my sketchbook and watercolours (then ran back home to get water - a fairly important part of watercolouring.  I'll get this outdoor sketching thing figured out sometime).  It was spectacular.  I felt like people must have felt in the 1930's when they invented colour.  Fortunately I did a quick 20 minute sketch, because by the time I got home, the fog was returning out of thin air (literally, I suppose).  The top of the school a block away disappeared as I drew it, and now all the neighbours' houses are gone too.  Which isn't such a bad thing, really...

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