Saturday, 5 October 2013

Under the Lions Gate Bridge

I woke up with a sudden cold this morning, so I figured this was a good place to go drawing.  It's right by the  north shore sewage lagoon - it's good to lack a sense of smell there.  The Lions Gate Bridge crosses a fairly narrow inlet, but it has to gain a lot of height to let the big ships in, so most of it is over land.  The towers holding up that part seem remarkably delicate, but they apparently do the job.  The area I was drawing in was a bit of a nowhere-land - under a bridge, by a sewage lagoon, beside a railyard and obviously used as a makeshift garbage dump - but still three separate passers-by stopped to see what I was doing and talk for a while.  Sketching in public seems to make a person more approachable, even in a dubious area where people might normally avoid eye contact.  Hopefully I didn't give them all my cold.

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