Sunday, 27 October 2013

Reiffel Bird Sanctuary

The urban sketching group met at Reiffel Bird Sanctuary, south of Vancouver.  It's a mix of ponds, tidal marshes, meadows, brushy areas and a bit of forest - not exactly an urban environment, but it does have the population of a small city on a sunny Sunday afternoon.  That's especially true now that the snow geese are back from the north, at least a thousand of them putting on a show in the immediate vicinity, along with 10 Sandhill cranes, even more mallards than people, and sundry other creatures enjoying the sun.  I myself was considered a sundry enough creature to be photographed by at least 10 people as I drew and painted along the pathways.
     Westham Island outside the reserve was also hopping with people, many of them picking pumpkins.  I had never realized how easy it is to paint pumpkins - now that I know, I'm going to add them to all my pictures.


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