Saturday, 22 February 2014

Ecuador - Rio Napo II

Last of the Ecuador trip pictures - one of the amazingly huge rainforest trees, a kapok maybe.  I decided that the only way to draw the immensely complicated tangle of understory, midstory and canopy was not to, but to focus on the gradient from almost twilight conditions at the ground through green leaves to the upper layers catching the sunlight, and then the branches of the emergent tree against the blue sky.

Then the boat trip back to the harbour on the river at Coca, and the sweltering wait in small airport at Coca, before the long journey north.  The headline in the paper in Quito on the way back translated as "Canada gripped by icy cold".  You expect the weather to be a bit colder in Canada in January than in the Amazon, but not international-headline-worthy colder...

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