Monday, 10 February 2014

Silver Star

An intermission from Ecuador drawings, for a long-weekend trip to Silver Star ski resort, near Vernon.  It was too cold for lift-skiing, but great for cross-country and snowshoeing.  And, of course, for drawing.  One of the mornings had a cold clear sky, but all kinds of sunrise colours on the clouds low down in the valley.  The village at Silver Star has a western-mining-town/Victorian theme going, so many of the houses are cheerfully coloured and ornate.  I drew the yellow house standing outside at -15C, getting increasingly frantic as I tried to get the details down before I lost all feeling in my hand.  I can't seem to draw with any kind of glove on - which is good for speeding up the sketches, not so good for retaining a full set of fingers.  I added the colour in front of the fire.  There was a snow-sculpture contest going on in the village, fortunately visible from a cafe window.  I'm not sure if the standing fellow was one of the snow-carvers, an artistic director, or a model - the sculpture ended up looking a lot like him. Interestingly, an avant-garde abstract snow sculpture won the competition.

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