Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Edmonton trip vignettes

Another trip to Edmonton, another unexpected view from the octagonal hotel I stay at.  This one shows two amazing features of Edmonton.  One is the vacant lot, which has been that way for at least 5 years.  That would never happen on the busiest commercial street in Vancouver - it would immediately become condominiums, a guerrilla garden or a grow-op.  The other Edmonton phenomenon is the ground-floor store in the building across the road, a cupcake emporium.  People think that oil is the mainstay of the Alberta economy, but actually it is cupcakes.

I had a new little sketchbook.  They always look intimidatingly blank, so I did a lot of little drawings: people on the seabus, skytrain and plane and at the restaurant; Easter "stuff", lounge lizards and even some books at the Chapters on Whyte Avenue; exhibitions at the Art Gallery of Alberta, including some amazing biomorphic very-mixed-media installations by Edmonton artist Lyndal Osborne; an upscale pub; and the trip home.

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