Monday, 31 March 2014

Spring in Vancouver

How do you know it's spring in Toronto?  The Leafs are out.  Unfortunately, the same applies in Vancouver this year, but here we have another sign - the rain falls on daffodils, not just on mud.  But even raindrops make good sketching subjects if you study them carefully enough.  And the good thing about rain is that it makes it easier to work on Sunday, so that...
...when it's beautifully sunny on Monday, you can go skiing!  (Being self-employed helps there too.)  It was just me, my tele skis and the hopeful but ultimately disappointed ravens on Hollyburn today.  The ravens there fly right up to visitors, yelling "GORP GORP GORP!" - thus the popular name for trail-mix.  I've done so many sketches on Hollyburn now that I could probably put together a 360-degree panorama, or maybe a time-lapse video - watching the snow come and go, the trees grow, die, rot and be replaced, the ravens evolve, the mountains uplift and erode away.

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