Wednesday, 12 March 2014

West Vancouver 2 islets, 2 apartments

I rode around West Vancouver on a sunny Sunday, and drew two very different views.  The first is of the Grebe Islets, two little rocky islands off Klootchman Park.  They are normally good bird-watching spots, but an eagle was sitting on one of them, scaring off everything except a few amorous geese, annoyed crows and nervous surf scoters.  There were basking seals and a cruising sealion.  There are also some amazing houses along the rocky shoreline.  They make you wonder how people get there, physically and also financially.

Then I stopped by an area of apartments near Ambleside.  One is widely known as the Pink Palace.  The other - the Turquoise Terraces?  They are mid-1960's vintage on prime oceanfront real estate, and I'm sure they were the height of chic when they were built.  Then, I'm equally sure, they were the depths of tackiness for a while.  But now they are retro, so they are undoubtedly fashionable again.  For me, I'm just glad to see anything that isn't a cold concrete-and-glass condo block.  

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