Sunday, 5 July 2015

End-of-Days, Vancouver

Thick orange, purplish or strangely flesh-toned smoke is hanging over Vancouver, ash is falling from the sky, a hot wind is blowing, and not a single person is mowing their lawn.  It's a day when the word "Armageddon" lurks in the back of your mind.  (Or, if you have a weird cognitive difficulty with polysyllable A-words like I do, you have "Armadillo", "Archipelago" and "Asparagus" lurking, but it's eerie all the same.)  That's the other word of the day - "eerie".  People passing on the sidewalk just shake their heads slowly and say "Eerie".  So, a quick sketch, and now I have to make sure my membership dues are paid up to whatever organization promises to get me the most years off my time in Purgatory.

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