Friday, 31 July 2015

Lonsdale and 1st, 26th

Continuing my quest to draw each block on Lonsdale Avenue (in random order), I did the blocks above 26th and above 1st.  This was in the relative cool of the morning, fortunately for riding up, then down, then back up the one big hill that is Lonsdale.  The first drawing at 26th was really only notable for its loudness.  A lot of North Vancouverites drive big pickups, which have never seen a load bigger than golf clubs, and they roar up the hill in them.  I have to add earplugs to my sketching kit.

The block above 1st St used to be funky little shops and old diners.  Now it is another big construction site.  Let me guess ... condominiums?  With a "hair salon" and realtor offices beneath?  Some of the last remaining artists studios are in the building behind - but not for long, I'm sure.  The same thing happened to the next block up the hill, and it's now a soulless, personless block, at least on the condo side of the street.  What will all the new inhabitants do when they want to, for example, eat?  I guess they'll get in their big pickups and roar up the hill to the supermarket.

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